The Cure Parkinson’s Trust approached Megaphone wanting to make a film to help with fundraising and engagement at public events. They wanted us to come up with an idea that helped communicate to donors and the public what living with Parkinson’s is really like, and the urgency with which a cure is needed.

We approached the film by wanting to find a way for the viewer to really empathise with what living with Parkinson’s is like – we did this by making you feel in a dream-like state, imagining how you thought your life would be when you were younger, and what the reality of this would be.

The film has been used widely at donor fundraising events and it has been a really useful communication tool to this end.

“We asked Ben at Megaphone Films to create a short film to communicate the work of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust and show the realities of living with Parkinson’s. Ben was fantastic to work with. Not only did he produce a beautiful film that challenged many of the stereotypes that audiences often have about Parkinson’s, he also showed sensitivity and empathy when working with the participants of the film, all of whom have Parkinson’s. Ben went over and above to make the whole process as undemanding as possible for everyone involved without compromising the quality of the final product. The film has been incredibly helpful to us as a fundraising tool and has been shown at many of our events and presentations.”

Caroline Morrow, Head of Marketing, The Cure Parkinson’s Trust